Pedicured feet


Classic Pedis

Polish, gel, and french pedicures

Classic Polish ...$30

French / American ...$40

Gel Color ...$45

French Gel ...$55

Gel Removal + Classic Polish Pedicure ...$35

Gel Removal ...$10

Nail Care & Maintenance

Add-ons to extend, improve & maintain

Callus Eliminator ...$5

Sugar Scrub ...$6

Paraffin Heel ...$5

Paraffin Dip ...$15

Polish Change

Polish, gel, and french pedicures (trim +$3)

Nail Art & Finishes

Nail art, stamps, and special finishes

Classic polish ...$15

Gel (+ no removal)...$20

Gel (+removal)...$25

French/American ...$20

Nail Trim ...$10 (whole set)

Art ...Two nails $10+ / Full set $25+

Stamping ...Two nails $6 / Full $15

Gel ...Two nails $10 / Full $25

Matte / Glow ...$5

Gems / Studs ...$5 per nail

Mirror, opal, or holographic chrome ...$25

Spa Pedicures

Luxurious, premium treatments

Sittin’ Pretty Spa $55

relax and rejuvenate with a sugar scrub for extra exfoliation, leg & foot mask and heel paraffin therapy to lock in moisturization. 

Choose cucumber, lavender, mango guava, coffee, pineapple, tangerine, chocolate, charcoal detox, eucalyptus, rosemary, rose, or lemongrass


Signature Spa $70

enjoy the rejuvenating Sittin’ Pretty Spa along with an extra 15 min massage, a full paraffin dip to lock in moisture and leaves your skin glowing 


Detox Pedi $65

uses pure water & sea salt which purges heavy metal, reduces inflammation, relieves headaches, provides improved sleep, improved memory and many more benefits!

Little Ladies

Nail Care for 8 & under

Polish Change ...$10

Pedicure ...$20

Nail art Two accent nails ...$3+


*Service prices listed are starting prices and are subject to change.